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A Brief LIFE CHAIN History

The first LIFE CHAIN, born through prayer, was built in 1987 by Please Let Me Live, a small but aggressive pro-life ministry in Yuba City, CA. Half the churches of Yuba and Sutter Counties occupied Marysville, with 2,500 Christian soldiers holding "Abortion Kills Children" signs on both sides of the street.

The event was a time of self-evaluation and of thanksgiving for God's invincible Church. It was also a revealing witness to many thousands of motorists. "I felt God's presence," was a typical Life Chainer's response. "It was good to stand for righteousness," remarked others.

The LIFE CHAIN elevated the Life ministry to high respectability in Yuba-Sutter by helping to unite churches and to inform the local press, law enforcement, public officials, and the area citizenry about the unconscionable killing of preborn children. Today, after several local LIFE CHAINS, timely picketing, and the comprehensive distribution of pro-life literature, only an occasional (and questionable) therapeutic abortion is performed in Yuba-Sutter.

In September, 1989, 101 churches in Bakersfield, CA, built the second LIFE CHAIN with 7,500 participants. Soon other California cities followed, including Riverside (95 churches and 6,000 Life defenders); Orange County (205 churches and 17,000 defenders; Fresno (140 churches and 10,000 defenders); San Diego (320 churches and 28,000 defenders) and Sacramento (200 churches and 16,500 defenders).

By February, 1991, about 170 Chains had been built nationwide, in more than 40 states and in other nations. Hundreds of thousands of Americans had participated in Chains, and millions of motorists had observed them. As a result, many mothers have decided not to abort their child. "I couldn't get the `Abortion Kills Children' message out of my mind," has been a common response.

On October 6, National Life Chain Sunday '91, 373 Chains were built throughout our nation, with 771,000 Life Chainers in attendance. On National Life Chain Sunday '92, October 4, more than 800 U.S. cities and towns held Chains, with a combined participation of 975,000. In Canada, 97 Chains had 80,000 participants. National Life Chain Sundays '93 and '94 saw over 900 Chains built in American and Canada, but no attendance was taken due to emphasis placed on prayer and trust in God.

We thank our Savior for His glorious, all-powerful Church and for its response to the Life Chain ministry.